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Free shipping on order over $75.00
Free shipping on order over $75.00

Continuous Improvement

 I think most of us our trying to always improve upon our self's and the world around us. This company is the result of that thinking.


    I founded Buy The Cup Coffee with the idea of providing a simple way to buy Kienna Coffee though I  did not think only of the business side of things. I wanted to offer options like the KiennaCup adapter to the world at large. This one simple device is saving tens of thousands (likely more) of plastic coffee pods from hitting the landfill.  I think all of our customers deserve the credit for their part in this concept. Thank you everyone.

  We also strongly believe in the Fair Trade and Organic coffee options that are even now becoming more and more affordable. Fair Trade Organic is a direct improvement  for coffee producing countries,  and the people that live and work there. 

  Our web site has undergone some transformations. We have made some changes to make it easier to navigate and find just what your looking for. In addition I hope to foster even better relations with my customers and anyone with an interested in a great cup of coffee, and a passion for improvement. 


Yours Truly,

R. Darin

Buy The Cup Coffee

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libbie - December 20, 2014

Love the product: first saw it a Quality Foods in Port Alberni, BC: LOVE that I don’t have to throw all those plastic tubs into my landfill. Suggestion: compostable outer package in the future??? Thanks so much for this great idea and product (and we love the delivery to our door)

Linda Moore - November 18, 2014

Love the service, love the variety, love receiving my purchases in the mail and appreciate the free shipping on my orders over $75. I feel…appreciated too!

Kako Tatakamchi - October 2, 2014

I am glad you updated, it is a lot better.

Sheri Pascma - September 29, 2014

We love the coffee. We love the concept too. Our coffee machine is used all the time , and the cost of kcup was just to high. For us it is just a bonus that we can reduce our waste. Thanks for the website changes, easier for sure.

Jim Durandt - September 23, 2014

Love the site. It is easier to find things. thx.

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