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Free shipping on order over $75.00

Sollo Keto Proof Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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💪 Keto Proof: Skip the hassle of mixing individual keto ingredients. KetoMax combines butter, coconut MCT oil, and vitamins into a ready-to-drink formula, saving you both time and money.

Premium Dark Roast Coffee: Enjoy the superior taste of 100% Arabica beans for a pure energy lift. We've done the hard work to ensure your coffee delivers maximum performance.

🤓 Crafted Blends: Every Sollo blend is expertly formulated by dietitians, enriched with essential nutrients to optimize your health. Keto Proof is crafted with functional ingredients and is both gluten and soy-free!

🌱 Vitamin-Rich Coffee: Start your day with a coffee that doubles as a vitamin supplement. Each serving packs a vital mix of vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, and D3, streamlining your morning routine effortlessly. Keto Proof makes it simple!

😌 Versatile Brewing Options: Suitable for any coffee setup, our gourmet MCT Keto coffee works beautifully in drip coffee brewers, French presses, electric coffee pots, as well as in systems for cold brew and iced coffee.