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Free shipping on order over $75.00

Slim Master, Decaf Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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  •  Convenience in Every Brew: Sollo makes brewing easy. This gourmet slimming coffee is perfectly compatible with all your favorite coffee makers – from drip brewers and French presses to electric pots and cold brew systems. A versatile choice for every coffee enthusiast.
  •  Luxurious 100% Arabica Medium Roast: Savor the rich, smooth flavor of our expertly crafted dark roast. Made with premium 100% Arabica beans, each cup offers a full-bodied experience, masterfully roasted and packaged in Canada for peak freshness and taste.
  •  Nutrient-Rich, Vitamin-Infused Coffee: Elevate your health and wellness with every sip, thanks to a blend rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, tailored for your body's needs.