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Free shipping on order over $75.00

Slim Master Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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😊 Elevate Your Diet: Enhance your dietary efforts with Slim ground coffee, your quickest route to a flavorful gourmet coffee experience. Combine our Weight Loss Coffee with a dynamic lifestyle and nutritious diet to reach your peak wellness objectives. For those seeking a diet-friendly coffee option, Slim Coffee is your go-to choice.

⚡ Nutrient Powerhouses: Benefit from the inclusion of Garcinia Cambogia, rich in hydroxycitric acid, and Green Coffee Beans, packed with antioxidants and known for their adaptogenic properties. We'vevelevated your coffee experience, tailored specifically for you.

💊 Vitamin-Infused Coffee: Elevate your health and wellness with every sip, thanks to a blend rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, tailored for your body's needs

☕Convenience in Every Brew: Sollo makes brewing easy. This gourmet Weight Loss coffee is perfectly compatible with all your favorite coffee makers – from drip brewers and French presses to electric pots and cold brew systems. A versatile choice for every coffee enthusiast.

😌Luxurious 100% Arabica Medium/Dark Roast: Savor the rich, smooth flavor of our expertly crafted dark roast. Made with premium 100% Arabica beans, each cup offers a full-bodied experience, masterfully roasted and packaged in Canada for peak freshness and taste.